Welcome to La Boema

Kavárna LaBoema 14

We invite you to come to our cafe & restaurant on Náměstí Kašpara Šternberka in Radnice. In the historical building number 64 we welcome you to a place honoring gastronomy.

La Boema is the place for private celebrations and business meetings. We invite art lovers to the music, art and literary events.

La Boema is mentioned on the "Above Standard Czech Republic map", a map composed by the readers of Forbes magazine

Opening hours

Dear guests, we have temporarily adjusted opening hours. Our opening hours on Friday until Sunday remain unchanged:

Friday and Saturday
  11:00 – 22:00
Sunday   11:00 – 21:00

Our kitchen closes half an hour ahead of closing hours. Thank you for your understanding.


Published 3. 5. 2017
Published 15. 10. 2016
Published 2. 10. 2016
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